Disgraced Sanjana Hattotuwa and sham Groundviews should be ostracized online

For some among us stupidity is a way of life, its in their very DNA. Hence the repeated instances of blatant displays of stupidity and falsehood online.

As the scandal surrounding Sanjana Hattotuwa and Groundviews continues to unfold after they glorified Sunday Times, Lanka Truth and JVP backed LNSW’s false propaganda against our people’s president his Excellency Mahinda Rajapakse, Groundviews has resorted to removing and editing articles they wrote, but original article containing their false claims can still be found on Google reader.

Should you wish to clarify, here’s the original clip with both VIDEO and audio. Everyone must watch the real clip.

Sanjana Hattotuwa’s Groundviews (actually Gripeviews) is at the centre of a huge false propaganda storm that broke on the web during last weekend.  Anyone who is not sight or hearing impaired can see this plain truth. Perhaps not Sanjana, who thinks sour loser DBS Jeyaraj is a credible source. Really, this is all you could do, Sanjana?

It will be interesting to see some people retract their own words, Well.. I’m not sure they’re going to do anything at all about it.  As for me, I just ignore blogs that engage in false propaganda. But it certainly is a sad way to go through life, just endorsing and sensationalizing what other criminals do. Maybe the tweets make Sanjana feel good inside, but I’m guessing he’s just kinda sad he hasn’t come up with something correct himself yet.

This idiotic terrorist blogger is an example of anti Lankan propaganda carried on the web, not to mention his earlier site Mojo had to be brought down due to false info it carried. Dinidu De Alwis of Perambara did the same with many of his personal sites.

Sittingnuts, Srilanka’s most respected blogger is among the many bloggers that have called for public action against Sanjana Hattotuwa, Groundviews, Sunday Times, Lanka Truth and LNS, and made his displeasure known. Others have twittered extensively about Groundviews’ crime.

It seems that disgraced Sanjana picked up a crap piece from a Lanka Truth article and actually glorified in full to misrepresent facts. This is not all: Sanjana and groundviews are known for their anti mahinda anti lanka propaganda. But the visuals were out and accessible on the web. Either he can’t see, listen, and verify facts or he’s incredibly stupid.

Sanjana Hattotuwa and Groundviews raise other pertinent issues about accuracy, and the role of citizen journalism in Srilanka.  

Anyway, all these incidents underline a shocking truth: it is so easy to mislead the masses these days. Even an idiot like Sanjana can do a good job at it.