Sanjana Hattotuwa’s diatribe: A sad but inevitable development in citizen journalism as he plumbs depths of yellow journalism

Sanjana Hattotuwa, the self proclaimed versatile and prolific writer, has preferred to ventilate his pent-up frustrations on the sad development in his yellow journalism career on his Gripeviews bog.

He has taken a higher morale ground and defended his ‘favorite’ yellow journalism initiative Groundviews as his conscience would not allow him to do otherwise. It is a matter of happiness that he has a conscience.

He alleges that “Media Raj” is a coward because Media Raj is a pseudonymous person. So how about the funny names we come across on Gripeviews? A Little Batti, Aufidius, Banana Tree, Billy, CHA, Citizen, Clean Hands, Concerned Citizen, CRep and so on here?

Going by Sanjana Hattotuwa’s own confusing logic, if Media Raj is a coward, then, so are most of Gripeviews’ authors. If so, this self-righteous editor is only insulting his own ilk, who together have supported him in keeping his otherwise tabloidical troll bog alive or he is humble enough to accept that his own bog is full of cowards.

So anyone using a pseudonym is a coward, Great!

I use a pseudonym myself, for some genuine and some silly reasons, people have their own reasons to be anonymous, but I fail to understand how that makes me or Media Raj or another pseudonymous person a COWARD, as suggested by Sanjana Hattotuwa, the great yellow journalist of our times. Even Lasantha Wickramatunga was known by his pseudonym “Suranimala” for a long time.

My guess is that because Sanjana didn’t have substance and couldn’t really say anything to refute Media Raj, he did the obvious; he branded Media Raj a coward. Again, how clever?

He has also blatantly and shamelessly posted on his bog, expressing his hold-no-bar anger, forgetting the cardinal principal of journalism that you should react to a situation but your anger should not be reflected in your write-up or story.

Being the Executive Editorial Director of the Groundviews World media Group, shouldn’t Sanjana have shared internally, his feedback on his goof ups so serious? Are we sure we are talking transparency & ethics here, or is it really about maturity in offering professional feedback to a constructive criticism in another site? I think such misplaced ego & prima donna attitude is silly, but then again, utterly unsurprising given the nature of the silly little NGO beast.

Sanjana Hattotuwa has not dared to reply to my comment. Two days ago I made a comment in less than 100 words but the holy editor of the Gripeviews world media site did not fit it to include among the comments though it did not contain any abusive language or carry any pornographic reference to his hacked and worn out sad dick, but it was critical of Sanjana Hattotuwa’s functioning as Gripeviews editor and Gripeviews in general.

I don’t think that Sanjana, a known name in the corridors of Pro terrorist NGOs and Anti Lanka conspirators is aware of actual developments in the case. Following the glorious tradition set by his NGO masters, he targets the president, tries to portray him a racist with no proven evidence. This has brought the ugly story of Sanjana Hattotuwa - the sophisticated terrorist.

I'm not sure whether Sanjana Hattotuwa is plain stupid or he wants to join other idiots that make insane claims without any proof. His only claims are based on heresy like this nugget from a little known website called Lanka Truth. Note the name, Lanka truth, my foot. LOL :) 

Sanjana's article is leading towards defamation of President as a violent crazed person without evidence and is cause for libel. There should be some effort to bring accountability into writing editorial pieces in Gripeviews and not some a$$wipes.

It was irritably nauseating to read Sanjana Hattotuwa’s article alleging that President made violent, unwelcome remarks at the crowd. Gripeviews, being close to the UNP establishment just spins the story so that all secular morons reading it would read it, spread the word and reach orgasm.

And by making ridiculous claims, the so-called citizen media is only adding false credence to the victimization mentality. We should not forget that there was an election and these statements were aimed at it. I don't understand why UNP has such poor media skills. Their leaders participate regularly in all the fake shows conducted by heavily partisan Gripeviews freak show editor.

I have never seen a more speculative article from anyone. Ever.

This non-sense has to stop somewhere. I’d like to see Media Raj give a detailed explanation, and indeed expose Sanjana Hattotuwa’s hypocrisy. At the minimum, it should be fun to watch the brave soul Sanjana getting owned by a coward.

I guess what I wanted to say was, Fuck You, Sanjana!