OMG OMG.. Eunuch Indi Samarajiva is having sex

Yes, you read it right. Eunuch Indi Samarajiva is having sex these days. At one level we are happy, happy that an LTTE terrorist lover is finding better alternatives in life, and indeed if we are to go by our sources, eunuch Indi Samarajiva is in the process of getting himself a life. Wait, i think it should be getting laid? Anyways, what i find interesting is his usual pseudo intellectual whine about women's right to protection on the so called leader. Apart from a copied headline that reminds us of Sex and the City, he's even touching on morality, sexual rights and what have you. My immediate reaction was a predictable WTF? But i do wish to respond at some length, not that his shit warrants a reply, but a few clarifications are called for. Hence my rather lame attempt at having sex with our eunuch friend Indi Padashow Samarajiva. 

Just two points. 

"Sri Lanka has a culture of sexual abuse that starts from the moment a woman walks down the street." 
Really now? Srilanka has a CULTURE of sexual abuse? Any evidence, stats to prove this? What exactly is "culture of sexual abuse"? How does a country qualify to be labelled as such? Does this moron not know some international research studies rate Srilanka as one of the safest places for women and children. A google search should do the trick. Facts prove otherwise. 

"Even for boys, there is an unspoken cycle of abuse that begins in schools, monasteries and institutions" 
May i suggest a simple solution? Don't hang out with the likes of Dinidu De Alwis. Your virginity should be in tact, for as long as you wish to preserve it. We are really saddened your childhood memories are still haunting you, padashow indi. But in all seriousness, you should study the penal code in detail. Law is very clear, and there have been some cases and those have been dealt with, but to make it sound as if Srilanka is a country of child abusers and pedos.. Not right. 

Rest of it is absolute nonsense, a very Padashow-like article if you will. I'd like to think journalism is a good profession. But its a fine line between journalism and sensationalism. The Sunday leader should know the distinct boundaries applied to professional and ethical journalism. Not that i expect Fredrica Jansz to have any standards, but such misleading and distorted articles should not be allowed on a mainstream media. At least one must take the moral responsibility, it would have been interesting had Indi Samarajiva done his homework, backed his silly conclusions with stats, research and facts. A mere diatribe of a wannabe intellectual kid doesn't make Srilanka a "country with a culture of sexual abuse" Really now, how silly can one get? At least i know i love my mom, love my girl and love my female colleagues at work, and i'm sure he does too. But Indi Samarajiva portrays as if every other male in this country is either a pedo or a sex maniac with no respect for women. 

The article is completely misleading, at best its a creative piece of shit. What can i say? A very "Padashowish" article, Indi. Get well soon, the world isn't as ignorant as you! 

Taprobane is back


You may applaud :) 

Brevity, trips, exams, death of a dear one... you name it. Hence the hiatus. But am back, and thus will continue Taprobane investigative blogging. 

Will do a proper one next week. Did anyone miss me, BTW? :) or was everyone relieved i was no longer blogging? 

Disgraced Sanjana Hattotuwa and sham Groundviews should be ostracized online

For some among us stupidity is a way of life, its in their very DNA. Hence the repeated instances of blatant displays of stupidity and falsehood online.

As the scandal surrounding Sanjana Hattotuwa and Groundviews continues to unfold after they glorified Sunday Times, Lanka Truth and JVP backed LNSW’s false propaganda against our people’s president his Excellency Mahinda Rajapakse, Groundviews has resorted to removing and editing articles they wrote, but original article containing their false claims can still be found on Google reader.

Should you wish to clarify, here’s the original clip with both VIDEO and audio. Everyone must watch the real clip.

Sanjana Hattotuwa’s Groundviews (actually Gripeviews) is at the centre of a huge false propaganda storm that broke on the web during last weekend.  Anyone who is not sight or hearing impaired can see this plain truth. Perhaps not Sanjana, who thinks sour loser DBS Jeyaraj is a credible source. Really, this is all you could do, Sanjana?

It will be interesting to see some people retract their own words, Well.. I’m not sure they’re going to do anything at all about it.  As for me, I just ignore blogs that engage in false propaganda. But it certainly is a sad way to go through life, just endorsing and sensationalizing what other criminals do. Maybe the tweets make Sanjana feel good inside, but I’m guessing he’s just kinda sad he hasn’t come up with something correct himself yet.

This idiotic terrorist blogger is an example of anti Lankan propaganda carried on the web, not to mention his earlier site Mojo had to be brought down due to false info it carried. Dinidu De Alwis of Perambara did the same with many of his personal sites.

Sittingnuts, Srilanka’s most respected blogger is among the many bloggers that have called for public action against Sanjana Hattotuwa, Groundviews, Sunday Times, Lanka Truth and LNS, and made his displeasure known. Others have twittered extensively about Groundviews’ crime.

It seems that disgraced Sanjana picked up a crap piece from a Lanka Truth article and actually glorified in full to misrepresent facts. This is not all: Sanjana and groundviews are known for their anti mahinda anti lanka propaganda. But the visuals were out and accessible on the web. Either he can’t see, listen, and verify facts or he’s incredibly stupid.

Sanjana Hattotuwa and Groundviews raise other pertinent issues about accuracy, and the role of citizen journalism in Srilanka.  

Anyway, all these incidents underline a shocking truth: it is so easy to mislead the masses these days. Even an idiot like Sanjana can do a good job at it.  

Sanjana Hattotuwa’s diatribe: A sad but inevitable development in citizen journalism as he plumbs depths of yellow journalism

Sanjana Hattotuwa, the self proclaimed versatile and prolific writer, has preferred to ventilate his pent-up frustrations on the sad development in his yellow journalism career on his Gripeviews bog.

He has taken a higher morale ground and defended his ‘favorite’ yellow journalism initiative Groundviews as his conscience would not allow him to do otherwise. It is a matter of happiness that he has a conscience.

He alleges that “Media Raj” is a coward because Media Raj is a pseudonymous person. So how about the funny names we come across on Gripeviews? A Little Batti, Aufidius, Banana Tree, Billy, CHA, Citizen, Clean Hands, Concerned Citizen, CRep and so on here?

Going by Sanjana Hattotuwa’s own confusing logic, if Media Raj is a coward, then, so are most of Gripeviews’ authors. If so, this self-righteous editor is only insulting his own ilk, who together have supported him in keeping his otherwise tabloidical troll bog alive or he is humble enough to accept that his own bog is full of cowards.

So anyone using a pseudonym is a coward, Great!

I use a pseudonym myself, for some genuine and some silly reasons, people have their own reasons to be anonymous, but I fail to understand how that makes me or Media Raj or another pseudonymous person a COWARD, as suggested by Sanjana Hattotuwa, the great yellow journalist of our times. Even Lasantha Wickramatunga was known by his pseudonym “Suranimala” for a long time.

My guess is that because Sanjana didn’t have substance and couldn’t really say anything to refute Media Raj, he did the obvious; he branded Media Raj a coward. Again, how clever?

He has also blatantly and shamelessly posted on his bog, expressing his hold-no-bar anger, forgetting the cardinal principal of journalism that you should react to a situation but your anger should not be reflected in your write-up or story.

Being the Executive Editorial Director of the Groundviews World media Group, shouldn’t Sanjana have shared internally, his feedback on his goof ups so serious? Are we sure we are talking transparency & ethics here, or is it really about maturity in offering professional feedback to a constructive criticism in another site? I think such misplaced ego & prima donna attitude is silly, but then again, utterly unsurprising given the nature of the silly little NGO beast.

Sanjana Hattotuwa has not dared to reply to my comment. Two days ago I made a comment in less than 100 words but the holy editor of the Gripeviews world media site did not fit it to include among the comments though it did not contain any abusive language or carry any pornographic reference to his hacked and worn out sad dick, but it was critical of Sanjana Hattotuwa’s functioning as Gripeviews editor and Gripeviews in general.

I don’t think that Sanjana, a known name in the corridors of Pro terrorist NGOs and Anti Lanka conspirators is aware of actual developments in the case. Following the glorious tradition set by his NGO masters, he targets the president, tries to portray him a racist with no proven evidence. This has brought the ugly story of Sanjana Hattotuwa - the sophisticated terrorist.

I'm not sure whether Sanjana Hattotuwa is plain stupid or he wants to join other idiots that make insane claims without any proof. His only claims are based on heresy like this nugget from a little known website called Lanka Truth. Note the name, Lanka truth, my foot. LOL :) 

Sanjana's article is leading towards defamation of President as a violent crazed person without evidence and is cause for libel. There should be some effort to bring accountability into writing editorial pieces in Gripeviews and not some a$$wipes.

It was irritably nauseating to read Sanjana Hattotuwa’s article alleging that President made violent, unwelcome remarks at the crowd. Gripeviews, being close to the UNP establishment just spins the story so that all secular morons reading it would read it, spread the word and reach orgasm.

And by making ridiculous claims, the so-called citizen media is only adding false credence to the victimization mentality. We should not forget that there was an election and these statements were aimed at it. I don't understand why UNP has such poor media skills. Their leaders participate regularly in all the fake shows conducted by heavily partisan Gripeviews freak show editor.

I have never seen a more speculative article from anyone. Ever.

This non-sense has to stop somewhere. I’d like to see Media Raj give a detailed explanation, and indeed expose Sanjana Hattotuwa’s hypocrisy. At the minimum, it should be fun to watch the brave soul Sanjana getting owned by a coward.

I guess what I wanted to say was, Fuck You, Sanjana!

Village idiot Indi Samarajiva complains again


Image: Luxury Jail Suite for SF, proposed by Indi Samarajiva. 

There are armchair critics and wannabe intellectuals like Indi Samarajiva who cannot be placated at any level. He will complain against the Government for not having a policy, which supports his idiotic views, complain against MR for campaigning during the elections and rarely offer constructive opinions. Now this idiot complains that Shit Fonseka has no A/C in his remand house and treated without super luxury facilities that he would have liked.

In an article, he claims,

 "Anoma’s concerned for her husband’s health as he languishes in jail” 
“People make fun of Fonseka for requesting A/C in custody, but it’s hot out. He lost half his guts to the war and his freedom to politics. His wife is just asking for better conditions. Not even a vote. That’s where we’re at, in a ways. It’s hot out there, I understand. That’s just the weather. All one can ask for is a little A/C.”

Really? Is this not the same idiot who once preached morality and how no one is above the law and all that? While I’m not surprised by this bizarre statement given Indi Samarajiva’s not so clandestine romance for Shit Fonseka, I do think certain clarifications are called for.

Firstly, Shit Fonseka is under custody, and treated accordingly, just like any other citizen of the country. Now Indi Samarajiva would have him (SF) sleep peacefully in an A/C’d room. He goes on to make statements without proper reasons like above, fails to reason out why Shit Fonseka needed an A/C. His only pathetic, incoherent excuse is, “Its hot”. So what, moron? Srilanka is a tropical country with a warm climate. The average yearly temperature ranges from 28 °C to nearly 31 °C. Besides, Shit Fonseka, if he’s the greatest soldier that he claims to be, then he should be accustomed to a lifestyle that warrants NO A/C. His demand for A/C is just f***ing hilarious. Why he thinks he’s above the law is simply beyond my ability to comprehend.  A/C isn’t a basic necessity over here; if anything it’s a luxury.
Notably, the government did not hold consultations with our pseudo intellectual junior Samarajiva, who seems to have primary responsibility for Shit Fonseka’s welfare in custody.

A tip, if you are reading this Indi, stop being an annoying whiny bitch and start offering something constructive for a change. Oh Yeah.. Thanks for the entertainment, as usual :) 

An open letter to Ranil Wickramasinghe


I’m pissed Ranil. Pissed.

For years I have tolerated your pathetic exits in elections and not said anything in the spirit of democracy. For years I have not commented on the size of your ever-decreasing voter base. For years I have heard you make an ass of yourself at press conferences and make incoherent excuses in your Norwegian accent.

For years I have told myself that Wimal Weerawansa was wrong in saying that you stank and people didn’t like sitting next to you in Parliament. I even supported you when you chose to marry Maithree, despite your odd taste in women (largely because I believed we, the poor paradasian islanders needed a straight leader who was not gay).

But today, along with 20 million other Srilankans whose access to good leaders in politics ended with Merv the perv’s entry, I say enough!

Today, I stop dedicating blog posts to you. Today, I stop calling you a Hitler. Today, I stop Googling “Ranil Wickramasinghe and Prabakaran hot pics”.

Today, I am switching to thuggery and becoming a fan of Merv the Perv.

Of all the people you had to leave poor ol Karu J and his snazzy national suit for – you had to go with Shit Fonseka?

What is it about losers that they always end up with others of their kind? Is this some lameass attempt at making your non-existent life a success? Do you realize why Mangala got a bout of genital warts? Do you realize Prabhakaran might end up making cheesy-ass remarks about you in his hell today? All that development bullshit and you still couldn’t win today?

Years of UNP’s plans, your diktats, western conspiracy theories and millions of young people’s aspirations have been shattered thanks to your horny little uber-gay move in politics. You never will learn politics, will you, loser?

I’m giving you two months before you get sacked and leave the party. Anything more and I will start wearing a Norwegian jersey and keep tweeting about the ceasefire agreements as if my being a supporter will make anyone give a shit.

And take that damn Armani suit off, Ranil. It makes you look like a total gay. Besides, suits are meant for and worn by gentlemen.

Let me however, congratulate you for believing in the concept of losing election so much, that you were willing to go for one and prove your unpopularity, time and again.

As Rauf Hakeem would say, Insha Allah, in case you get arrested tomorrow, you will be the third most famous Srilankan in our prisons since KP and Shit Fonseka. You have no idea how excited I am at the possibility of seeing a tearful Maithree, who may take some inspiration from her older sibling, Anoma drama queen Fonseka.

Let me also express my condolences for being tricked into thinking that Sarath Fonseka was a Srilankan citizen, not so long ago. I completely understand how tricky it can be, given your own confusions with your Norway, UK, and US servantship. (Yes, I invented that word).

Those extra-curricular sessions with Mano Ganeshan and Rauf Hakeem turned out to be a total bitch, huh?

I do want to take the time however, to give you a few pointers about life in general.

I know you’re from my school, where naughty kids are kindly told “Learn or Depart”, you seem to have forgotten this, but there are some things, which I want you to keep in mind in case you decide to venture out in the world again.
  1. Stop acting urban, get on the rural: Again, perhaps you didn’t hear about rural masses being from Colombo Seven and all – but it’s a totally rocking piece of united people you can actually bank on. Dump that Colombo elite feedback that even sounds remotely like a victory. And DON’T rely on that Facebook fanpage and that Pre Polls forecast! Those are are totally fake, fool!
  2. Don’t “fall in love” with Minority politicians: Rauf and Mano will always be what they are- pathetic losers. So if you want to jerk off, let me refer you to – Real gays, real fun! 
  3. Stop telling the media election was rigged: Really? That election was rigged is your standard defense everytime? What if you had won? Would that still have been rigged, loser?
  4. Apologize to Mahinda and make friends with Basil: Make friends with them NOW and see how it’s done in style! 
  5. Blame it on Eric Solheim: Seriously, if nothing else works, that will.

That said, I wish you and Maithree the best of luck in life. Oh and, before I finish, make sure you retire gracefully, I hear for some life begins at retirement. 

Oh Yeah.. Happy New Year :) 

No longer does Indi Samarajiva feel obliged to hide his stupidity


Can somebody on the blogosphere please explain to me why Indi Samarajiva doesn’t seem to get it? No matter how much public revulsion there is at his blatant displays of stupidity, he just goes right ahead. And each day, the level of shamelessness and stupidity only seems to increase.

The latest in a series of obscene displays of stupidity is here, and more can be found here, here, and here.

This chap should be brazen enough to not just write this kind of nonsense but shameless enough to post it on his blog tells us something about the decline in his Buddhist and more importantly Srilankan values.

So, my question: why does Indi Samarajiva persist with these displays of nonsense? Doesn’t he realize how offensive we find it?

My guess is that he enjoys exhibiting his stupidity.

What say you? 

Support Sittingnuts. Ban Lefroy


This post is dedicated to Sittingnuts, my hero and your villain. I’ve been observing the blogosphere and I am disappointed. At least I can talk of one instance where a blogger revealed naked pictures of another blogger. The fake nature of the picture is a no brainer, yet I think its downright ugly.

I think Sittingnuts is cool, except for his odd taste in women. Why would he even want to consider sending flowers to Subha is beyond me. Such bad taste, SN? Oh this human chemistry I tell ya.  

Granted SN needs help in this department. I mean Subha? Ha ha Subha???? That Subha? Gawd…very odd taste, indeed! I certainly would’ve expected a decent choice here. But flowers for Subha? You mean for that 3rd generation NGO parasite? Wow man.. Such classic taste!

Anyways, SN should be treated with respect, something this Lefroy shit has been unable to do. Bullying can be fun. But revealing naked pics is simply not on. For the record, I’ve said many things about Indi Samarajiva, and will continue to say so.. But I wouldn’t go to the extent of posting nude pics of Indi. It’s just stupid let alone inhuman. Sanity should prevail even whilst attacking an opponent. Its OK you can call him names, prove that he’s not a Libertarian and so on, but revealing fake pics?

Its not like others don’t know how Lefroy is attacking SN with the blessings of Indi Samarajiva, but no one talks. Why? Where are those morale preachers in the blogosphere? Where are they hiding now? Why is everyone silent?

I don’t think Indi will ban you from Kottu if you talk against him. Learn from my example. Truth is this sick man Indi loves cheap publicity at all costs… so more the merrier for him. He apparently loves all the negative things said about him.

I’d like to see Lefroy banned from Kottu, but Indi won’t do that. How would he ban his own attack blog? LOL!

Posting nude pictures and claiming they were Sittingnuts’s is not only hilarious but also a sign of frustration and one’s own bankruptcy.

Lefroy, sorry, Indi, please be creative will ya? 



Seems like I’ve missed the fun involving some practicing Buddhists (pun intended) and a certain Mr.Akon.

I am not embarrassed to admit I hadn’t heard of this guy until recently when I stumbled upon some blogs. So I Googled him. Call me a cave man or even backward, that’s fine. But I honestly didn’t know this chap who seems to be making news these days.

Yesterday’s attack on MTV office should be condemned, and I, Taprobane Uncut, unreservedly condemn this cowardly act. For the record, I don’t like MTV. I think they are idiots, if anything they are full of nonsense. Notwithstanding, I still wouldn’t endorse an attack on them. It takes all kinds of people to make this world a fun place to live. Yes, MTV jokers are important for our existence. They remind us that we have to be sane and not act like the way they do. But an attack on them is uncalled for. That's downright silly. 

When SRK was here to perform we had a similar situation. SRK escaped unhurt, got paid without even having to perform, managed to get some free publicity and sympathy for him, and he WON whichever way you look at it. But Srilanka LOST not to mention the bad press. Why? Extremism if not religious extremism.

Religion is a personal choice; as such it should remain personal. I am not a good Buddhist, but I can tell you if Buddha were alive today he would embrace Akon with love and compassion. 

While I am no marketing guy, I know there are ways to market a country, and I’d think bringing foreign artists and entertainers is one way. I don’t see why it should be stopped.

Some idiots even want to kill Akon.. Really? Why not you kill all your myths about Buddhism, and start practicing it the way it was meant to be?

Ranil Wickramasinghe and Adolf Hitler


I have strong views on Ranil: I think he is a mass murderer, and Ranil frightens me.

Equally, many of his supporters have views that are as extreme – in the opposite direction. I am not going to change their minds. And they are not going to change mine. 

He may still be President one day. In a country where fake Dutugemunu Sir Mervin Assclown can become minister, anything is possible.

Ranil’s failure to hit the national big-time reminds us that even if a politician has the support of the people of his own electorate and of a vocal hardcore of devotees across Srilanka, and paid Internet propagandists and some Facebook fan pages, that counts for little in national politics.

Ranil is a self-styled disciple of Adolph Hitler. He has often expressed his admiration for Hitler and even members of his own party sometimes refer to him as the Hitler of the UNP.

We have a skewed, screwed and distorted view of what it means to be a democracy. People who support Ranil seem to think that a known, strong and honest criminal is better than a hypocrite, weak and dishonest criminal.

I think some interesting parallels can be drawn between Adolf Hitler and our disgraced loser Ranil Wickramasinghe. Here’s some:
  • Ranil goes after his agenda that he makes it clear right in the beginning (like Hitler) and it involves targeting certain sections blaming them for all ills of the society.
  • Ranil is in-your-face candid about his Batalanda crimes (like Hitler) which people see as a sign of honesty in comparison to other weak and corrupt leaders who push the same agenda but are not honest about it.
  • Hitler was tall, with average build. Ranil also has a similar frame, which is a very rare appearance actually.
  • Hitler was a devout Christian, who praised Christianity several times during his public appearances. Ranil, of course is same.
  • Hitler was a non-veg; Ranil reportedly considers a non-veg diet an essential for his not so sexy body and his sad soul.
  • Hitler was the fieriest speaker ever to walk this earth. I wouldn’t go that far with Ranil, but from the video footages, we can conclude Ranil is same. Like Hitler, Ranil practices and spends lot of time on mastering his oratory.
  • Both are self-centered individualists: Hitler married his fiancĂ© only during the final days of ww-2; Ranil remained a bachelor for the most part, but was forced to marry Maithree. Both are reported to have no or very little number of close friends. Both come across as too much engrossed in their ‘SELF’ to pay any attention to anyone else.
  • Hitler rose to power in the aftermath of the First World War, when Germans needed a strong leader whom they could trust to win back their pride for them. Ranil tried to capitalize on sick Prabakaran’s eelam war. Both rose, because of a community’s insecurity.
  • Both invoked regional identities: Hitler did it with the ideals of ‘German pride’. Ranil is doing it with the slogans of ‘Colombo Elite’.
  • And when it comes to intolerance of a certain community: Ranil sure goes the same distance with Hitler along this road.

Any more similarities? Please add them on the comment thread.