No longer does Indi Samarajiva feel obliged to hide his stupidity

Can somebody on the blogosphere please explain to me why Indi Samarajiva doesn’t seem to get it? No matter how much public revulsion there is at his blatant displays of stupidity, he just goes right ahead. And each day, the level of shamelessness and stupidity only seems to increase.

The latest in a series of obscene displays of stupidity is here, and more can be found here, here, and here.

This chap should be brazen enough to not just write this kind of nonsense but shameless enough to post it on his blog tells us something about the decline in his Buddhist and more importantly Srilankan values.

So, my question: why does Indi Samarajiva persist with these displays of nonsense? Doesn’t he realize how offensive we find it?

My guess is that he enjoys exhibiting his stupidity.

What say you? 


Anonymous said...

Don't blame Indi for this. Actually this is in Samarajiva blood. Not sure you read this Mr.Taprobane. Indi idiot's dad wanted to be an aviation expert here.

Now you understand where Indi's stupidity stems from right? What an idiot.