Ranil Wickramasinghe and Adolf Hitler

I have strong views on Ranil: I think he is a mass murderer, and Ranil frightens me.

Equally, many of his supporters have views that are as extreme – in the opposite direction. I am not going to change their minds. And they are not going to change mine. 

He may still be President one day. In a country where fake Dutugemunu Sir Mervin Assclown can become minister, anything is possible.

Ranil’s failure to hit the national big-time reminds us that even if a politician has the support of the people of his own electorate and of a vocal hardcore of devotees across Srilanka, and paid Internet propagandists and some Facebook fan pages, that counts for little in national politics.

Ranil is a self-styled disciple of Adolph Hitler. He has often expressed his admiration for Hitler and even members of his own party sometimes refer to him as the Hitler of the UNP.

We have a skewed, screwed and distorted view of what it means to be a democracy. People who support Ranil seem to think that a known, strong and honest criminal is better than a hypocrite, weak and dishonest criminal.

I think some interesting parallels can be drawn between Adolf Hitler and our disgraced loser Ranil Wickramasinghe. Here’s some:
  • Ranil goes after his agenda that he makes it clear right in the beginning (like Hitler) and it involves targeting certain sections blaming them for all ills of the society.
  • Ranil is in-your-face candid about his Batalanda crimes (like Hitler) which people see as a sign of honesty in comparison to other weak and corrupt leaders who push the same agenda but are not honest about it.
  • Hitler was tall, with average build. Ranil also has a similar frame, which is a very rare appearance actually.
  • Hitler was a devout Christian, who praised Christianity several times during his public appearances. Ranil, of course is same.
  • Hitler was a non-veg; Ranil reportedly considers a non-veg diet an essential for his not so sexy body and his sad soul.
  • Hitler was the fieriest speaker ever to walk this earth. I wouldn’t go that far with Ranil, but from the video footages, we can conclude Ranil is same. Like Hitler, Ranil practices and spends lot of time on mastering his oratory.
  • Both are self-centered individualists: Hitler married his fiancĂ© only during the final days of ww-2; Ranil remained a bachelor for the most part, but was forced to marry Maithree. Both are reported to have no or very little number of close friends. Both come across as too much engrossed in their ‘SELF’ to pay any attention to anyone else.
  • Hitler rose to power in the aftermath of the First World War, when Germans needed a strong leader whom they could trust to win back their pride for them. Ranil tried to capitalize on sick Prabakaran’s eelam war. Both rose, because of a community’s insecurity.
  • Both invoked regional identities: Hitler did it with the ideals of ‘German pride’. Ranil is doing it with the slogans of ‘Colombo Elite’.
  • And when it comes to intolerance of a certain community: Ranil sure goes the same distance with Hitler along this road.

Any more similarities? Please add them on the comment thread.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Uncut
I don't understand you. You hate mervin silva but still support Duminda silva? Why? Please explain why you support duminda silva while rejecting mervin.

Anonymous said...

"Hitler was tall, with average build"

Get your facts straight, Hitler was short!